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Trust Workshops

Workshops are offered by vetted members of our Alliance of Trustworthy Business Experts. The list is arranged chronologically as new workshops are added. For more detailed information on each of these workshops, or to bring them into your organization, please email:

Please check back regularly for workshop updates.

Workshops as of February 22, 2017

Let's Talk Trust
Drawing on the expertise in our book, Trust Inc., Trust Across America has developed a range of programs from a 90-minute turnkey, introductory and interactive discussion on trust, to a 1/2-day customized workshop. Who are the programs designed to serve? The program can be delivered to audiences ranging from local community groups to the Fortune 500 and everything in between. Community-based organizations: town councils and community leaders, public school administrators and students, boards of education, local clubs, churches, social groups. Colleges and university students and faculty. Chambers of Commerce and Better Business Bureau members. Industry associations, professional associations and not-for-profits. Businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies including Boards, C-Suites and CEOs.
Trust is Fun
Trust Across America has teamed up with a specialty event planner to bring trust-themed events to your door. Learn about trust-building while simultaneously having fun. Programs range from 2 hours to 2 days. Program Topics: Teamwork- choose from 6 team building activities * Leadership- choose from 6 leadership activities * Corporate Responsibility- bringing community service to your ballroom! Who are the programs designed to serve? Trust is Fun is created for groups with at least 25 participants ranging from local community organizations to the Fortune 500 and everything in between. Great for corporate outings, annual retreats, intern and new employee programs!
Just the FACTS
Learn more about Trust Across America's FACTS Model and the Return on Trust in this one hour interactive presentation delivered by one of our cofounders. Find out why trust is now a business imperative and how your company can profit from implementing an intentional trust strategy.
How to be a Trusted Advisor
A 1/2 day program to increase the level of trust between advisors and their clients/customers. In addition to classic advisory roles (accountants, consultants, financial planners), it is aimed at internal staff functions and other roles requiring influence without authority. Available to groups of 15+ only.
Thrive by Improving Trust and Transparency
A full-day interactive program that shows a clear pathway for enhancing trust and transparency in organizations, even in the tough times. In this program we will explore: -Why trust is the critical issue facing most organizations -Maintain trust, even when draconian things must be done -Local and international data on trust -How trust impacts 9 critical functions, and many other topics.
Renewing Trust in the Workplace
Every leader knows that trust is essential. Nevertheless, trust can be broken...often unintentionally. Gain the knowledge, skills and tools to build, rebuild and sustain trust in this one to two-day workshop. Identify common mistakes leaders make in responding to broken trust, and how to take steps that shift loss into opportunity. Learn 3 key dimensions of Trust, 16 behaviors that build it; the subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways trust is broken; Seven Steps to rebuild it. Outcomes: restore and renew working relationships; raise employee confidence, commitment and energy; increased engagement, innovation, and performance.
Building Trust: A Critical Ingredient for Leadership
Following the results of a confidential pre-workshop survey on trust, the presenter will focus on 5 topics: -The 6 key principles that produce trust in a business -Building trust in the senior leadership team -Building trust in teams through collaborative team governance -Creating a culture of trust within the company -Measuring trust outcomes. Examples and case studies of trust-building at each level of the organization, introduce trust-building tools and processes that can be used in participant companies, and engage the group in a dialogue around specific questions that can be used to engage their leadership. Finally, there will be a set of action steps they can take to begin the process in their companies.
How to Create a Business Culture to Ignite Engagement
Explore trust building with a Top 100 Thought Leader, according to Trust Across America. Trust is a new economy ingredient. Discover what it takes to be a trusted leader in this era of distrust. While the majority of employees are disengaged, their discretionary efforts tamed, passions for work fleeting, and ideas tethered, that doesn't need to stop you. Discover how to create a work group - your own Trust, Inc. - where engagement, passion, innovation, and great work thrives using five trust building essentials.

You'll discover: 1. Why engagement is a symptom, not the problem and what to do about it 2. How trust enables a culture of engagement, accountability and innovation 3. Basics for building your own Trust, Inc. 4. Why knowing how to build trust is a required skill for the new workplace 5. 5 essential behaviors that will spark trust, engagement and innovation Workshop is 1/2 day
Trust: The New Workplace Currency

Discover why getting great results necessitates developing a personal practice of trust. Learn what workplace trust is, what it isn't, why trust is being called "the new workplace currency," and why it matters to you and your leadership effectiveness. Discover common mistakes people unintentionally make that impact work relationships, and winning at working behaviors that can change results. Explore trust building with a Top 100 Thought Leader according to Trust Across America. Learn how to develop your trust currency with 5 essential keys to building workplace trust. You'll discover: -What workplace trust is, what it isn't and why it matters -Common mistakes that hold you and those your support back in building workplace trust -How to immediately apply the 5 essential keys to building workplace trust. -Insights into trust enhancing behaviors that can be utilized with any staff approach -Why knowing how to build trust is a required skill for the new workplace Workshop is 1.5 to 2 hours
The Trusted Executive
Trust in business leaders is at a low ebb; undermining performance, damaging relationships and destroying reputations. A new breed of executive will regain our trust by stepping up to a broader, braver role in the world and mastering essential trust-building habits. This workshop will give them the motivation, the method and the tools to succeed in this important challenge. Participants will learn a model of trust based on three pillars and nine habits that inspire trust; habits which will enable the trusted executive to deliver outstanding results, inspiring relationships and a positive contribution to society. If you want to be a leading light in the boardroom of tomorrow then this is a workshop for you. (Europe only)
Trust, Culture & Compliance
Executive Briefing: A custom workshop tailored for your senior management team to create a common understanding of the latest trends in organizational compliance and culture, including the risk management system employed by leading companies to support a strong culture of trust and accountability. Our "Ripped from the Headlines" discussion and e-voting technology will create a dynamic, fun & thought-provoking conversation that will allow the senior management team to assess your company's standing against that of leading companies that have best-in-class compliance and culture in place to safeguard their reputations and licenses to operate in a rapidly evolving corporate landscape with increasing legal and regulatory challenges. A great first step in creating a consistent "tone at the top" valued by regulators and prosecutors.
Trust, Culture & Compliance II
Not Your Father's Board Training: Every effective compliance program and organizational culture of trust starts with the Board, which has the duty of overseeing their company's compliance and culture. The Board is tasked under the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines to be "knowledgeable" about the content and operation of their company's compliance and ethics program and to "exercise reasonable oversight with respect to the implementation and effectiveness of the compliance and ethics program." This is a modern half-day "Not Your Father's Board Training" to ensure your Board understands its oversight duties for compliance and culture and has in place a practical oversight plan designed to discharge those responsibilities.