What makes Trust Across America unique or different?

There is a growing awareness that public companies should be evaluated on both financial and non-financial metrics, to better reflect the culture and "health" of the corporation as a whole. While there are several organizations that measure, define and share "best practices" from single-metric evaluations and single-provider sources, Trust Across America holistically examines the trustworthiness of each company. Our capabilities also provide comparative data by company size and within industry sector.

Furthermore, many programs analyze corporate behavior based on questionnaires completed by the company itself. Our program relies primarily on unbiased independent analysis of corporate behavior.

What are the TAA criteria?

Our FACTS® screening incorporates over 500 data points.

F  Financial Stability and Strength -- assesses the company's financials and market performance. Companies that maintain high ratings, exhibit superior stock performance over time.
A  Accounting Stability -- analyzes earnings transparency and conservativeness of the company's reporting. Companies that maintain high ratings are shown to have fewer regulatory actions over time.
C  Corporate Governance -- assesses the company's overall governance risk, board independence, and compensation policies and risks. The focus is on real-world value and risk, not just 'check-the-box' best practices.
T  Transparency -- analyzes the company for a variety of disclosure policies, including climate change, political policies, diversity, environmental management, human rights and workforce.
S  Sustainability -- shows how well the company is performing with regard to climate change, environmental management, community involvement, diversity recognition, human rights and workforce, and codes of conduct.

How were the FACTS® criteria selected?

TAA is a collaborative effort. The criteria were selected in consultation with some of the most prominent organizational trust experts in the United States. We then collaborated with dozens of subject matter experts and data providers across areas such as finance, accounting, corporate integrity, transparency and sustainability until we found the right combination of elements to build our proprietary FACTS® model. Together, these elements quantitatively define an organization's trustworthiness. We recognize the importance of using only the most objective and unbiased data compiled by respected organizations. We also recognize that the qualitative behavioral component of trustworthy behavior is critical and have incorporated this information into our business model as well.

How is data tabulated?

All public companies within the United States, for which data is available, will undergo a quantitative evaluation that does not involve input from the company. All companies will also have the opportunity to complete an online qualitative behavioral assessment that analyzes both internal and external factors and does require active participation. While the quantitative evaluation alone is very valuable, the qualitative evaluation enables companies to have a comprehensive trust audit that benefits all stakeholders.

What if our company receives a poor score based on your screening?

Our intent is to identify America's Most Trustworthy Companies. Published material and media commentary will highlight top companies only. Our individual corporate audits are designed to identify areas of strength and weakness and to provide actionable insights for improvement.

Are recipients asked to share their strategies?

Yes. We will encourage the top ranked companies to voluntarily share "best practices" so that other companies can benchmark their organizations against the role models within their industry.

What are the benefits of recognition if our company ranks highly in the TAA review?

The benefits to all stakeholders from being recognized as a trustworthy company are numerous. TAA is planning extensive national publicity opportunities, inclusion in several planned print publications, and participation in educational programs.

Does the program offer consulting services?

TAA provides consultation only to the extent that a company requires clarification of the audit. However, we will provide companies with a list of professionals who can assist in specific areas of interest and/or concern.

Can we advertise on your site?

We will not accept advertising from public companies that we are evaluating or that are affiliated with our organization because we view this as a conflict of interest.