What Is The Trust Action Project

Trust Action Project 2021

Trust matters and it's time to move trust beyond a conversation to action. Many of us have stopped trusting each other, our colleagues and stakeholders, and our institutions. We must act now to reverse this decline because without trust every relationship is compromised.

After nine years of research, developing tools, and growing our global community, Trust Across America-Trust Around the World (TAA-TAW) commenced its Tap Into Trust movement in the spring of 2018, publishing universal behaviors that build or break trust, and providing both a framework and a safe place to start a trust conversation.

Since then almost 150,000 global citizens have Tapped Into Trust and accessed our principles, taken our Workplace Trust Survey, participated in workshops, and/or used our AIM Towards Trust Survey Tools. Now TAA-TAW is embarking on its Trust Action Project 2021 (#tap2021). Throughout the year we will work collaboratively with our global community to identify and share both personal and professional trust elevating actions, ideas and tools.


The Trust Action Project 2021 Calendar

Our 2021 calendar is designed to assist leaders in elevating team trust. Every month showcases one of our twelve "TAP INTO TRUST" principles or behaviors, a description of the behavior, and team discussion questions.

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The Trust Action Project 2021 "2nd Wednesdays" Speaker Series

On the 2nd Wednesday of every month, our global Trust Alliance Members will be participating in small Zoom "salons" with experts in a variety of trust disciplines. Join our Trust Alliance to participate.

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The Trust Action Project 2021 "Trust Take 2" on YouTube

Throughout the year our Trust Alliance members will be sharing two minute trust-elevating actions on the Trust Across America YouTube channel to elevate personal trust and in your organization.

Join our Trust Alliance to submit your video or tune-in throughout the year.

The Trust Action Project 2021 "Best Ideas"

Share your best idea for building personal or interpersonal trust and receive our FREE #tap2021 logo to use as you choose.

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The Trust Action Project 2021 "Weekly Activity"

For the first quarter of 2021, we posted a weekly trust-building action on the Trust Across America-Trust Around to World page on LinkedIn.

We have now packaged these actions into this free Ebook that you can download.

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The Trust Action Project 2021 "Trust University"

Are you a coach, consultant or facilitator who would like to provide your clients with an efficient and effective way to start a trust conversation? Our 1-hour online class (held monthly) will teach you how to use our AIM Towards Trust diagnostic and provide you with a Certificate of course Completion.

Are you a manager who would like to learn the basics for elevating trust in your team, or would you like to have the team attend Trust University? We will quickly diagnose the team's trust strengths and weaknesses and provide guidance on how to improve the behaviors that are eroding trust.

Email us if you are interested.