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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Top Thought Leaders in Trust 2020

DATE: January 28, 2020


Barbara Kimmel, Founder and CEO

Trust Across America – Trust Around the World


Twitter: @BarbaraKimmel


Trust Across America-Trust Around the World (TAA-TAW), global leaders in organizational trust honors its 2020 Top Thought Leaders in Trust. The awards program, now in its 10th year, celebrates professionals who are transforming the way organizations incorporate trust as an intentional business strategy.

While a growing number of global “top” lists and awards are published, no others address trust, perhaps because the word itself presents a definitional challenge. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018, TAA-TAW has been working with a growing team of global cross-functional professionals to study, define and quantify interpersonal trust and organizational trustworthiness.

According to Barbara Kimmel, Founder & CEO  “As in the past, the release of our 2020 honors brings the focus to those who are the global champions of trust. The timing coincides with the successful introduction of our 2020 Trust Workshops designed for leaders who acknowledge the benefits of elevating trust and choose to begin a discussion with their team or in their organization. This year we recognize eighty eight individuals whose professional endeavors include leadership, culture, compliance and ethics, innovation, reputation and risk management, governance, communications, employee engagement, sales and customer service. Our honorees represent the largest global and functionally diverse group to date.”

We present our honorees in five categories:

  • 2019 Lifetime Achievement Awards (3)
  • Multi-year awards (19)
  • Newcomers (14)
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards 2015-2019 (42)
  • Stephen M.R. Covey Leadership Awards (10)

This year TAA-TAW is presenting its Lifetime Achievement Award to three professionals who have maintained Top Thought Leader status for five years, and their names are being permanently memorialized on our website. They are Alain Bolea, Jim Lukaszewski and Tom Patterson. We congratulate all of our honorees whose work is shining a spotlight on the importance of trust and providing a roadmap for others to follow. They inspire organizations to look more closely at their higher purpose…to create greater value for, and trust from all of their stakeholders, and understand trust is a “hard currency” with real returns.

The 2020 Lifetime Honorees can be accessed at this link, while complete details including our methodology, judges, award winners, articles and additional trust resources can be found in the Winter 2020 issue of TRUST! Magazine, available at no cost by registering here.

Trust Across America-Trust Around the World™ is a program of Next Decade, Inc., an award-winning communications firm that has been unraveling and simplifying complex subjects for over 20 years. TAA-TAW helps organizations build trust through an abundance of resources and ever expanding tools. It also provides numerous time-tested and simple tools for organizations to improve trustworthy practices, and showcases individuals and organizations exhibiting high levels of trust and ethics.

Contact us for more information on elevating trust on your team or in your organization.

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