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While most authors and publishers hope for bestseller status for their new titles, we hope so too, but not for the same reasons that most do. If we don’t earn it, we’d rather not have it! This is how we would like to see it happen. Will you help?

Our Prayer for Becoming a Bestseller

  1. May every CEO who puts profit before good business read this book.
  2. May every CEO take away the understanding that trust IS a hard currency.
  3. May every Board member read this book before their next meeting.
  4. May business schools use the essays as case studies on how to do it “right.”
  5. May someone deliver copies to every member of Congress and the guy in the White House. The lessons to be learned apply to all organizations, not just businesses.
  6. May everyone who buys a book, buy a second one for someone who will benefit from reading it.
  7. May the financial news anchors read this book and start talking about a new “trust” model for business.
  8. May Warren Buffett, who is mentioned several times, take a bow for trustworthy business practices.
  9. Same goes for Howard Schultz of Starbucks.
  10. May every essay contributor feel a tremendous sense of pride in collaborating on this much-needed resource, and help us spread the word to foster trust around the world. Our mission has just begun.


Trust Inc.


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  1. October 10th, 2013 at 12:49 | #1

    LOve your prayers. I pray they are answered.

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