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Welcome to TRUSTGiving 2014, our first annual weeklong trust awareness campaign.  Join the Alliance of Trustworthy Business Experts as our members help our readers navigate the complexities of trust. We will be blogging (several times a day) and posting on Twitter #TrustGiving2014.

Giving your trust to others is a gift according to Susan Mazza.

Giving the Gift of Your Trust

Trust is a precious gift not to be granted lightly.  To give someone the gift of your trust you must be willing to take a stand that they matter enough for you to invest something with them that matters to you.  

It is a way to honor your belief in another and lift them up.  If you want to get in touch with just how honoring this can be, think about a time when someone gave you the gift of their trust.

To maximize the opportunity however, it is critical to be clear about what you are entrusting them with and why it matters to you.  Only then can the gift truly be received based on a mutual commitment.  There is no room for judgement based on expectations. Clear, open, honest and complete communication are prerequisites.

Like any gift, giving someone the gift of your trust is best given with no strings attached and without expectations.  It may be risky, but giving someone the gift of your trust is one of the surest ways to forge a relationship that can be the source of something extraordinary. 

Susan Mazza works with leaders and their organizations to transform their performance from solid to exceptional as a business consultant, leadership coach and motivational speaker. CEO of Clarus-WORKS, Founder/Author of Random Acts of Leadership™, and Co-Author of The Character-Based Leader, Susan was named one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business by Trust Across America in 2013.

Barbara Brooks Kimmel is the Executive Director of Trust Across America-Trust Around the World whose mission is to help organizations build trust. She is also the editor of the award winning TRUST INC. book series and the Executive Editor of TRUST! Magazine. In 2012 Barbara was named “One of 25 Women Changing the World” by Good Business International.

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