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We value virtue but do not discuss it. The honest bookkeeper, the faithful wife, the earnest scholar get little of our attention compared to the embezzler, the tramp, the cheat.–   John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America

Those of us who work in trust know all too well the ABC’s and equations. They are helpful tools, reminders and mnemonics for leaders who have taken the first step- acknowledgement that trust is a business imperative. While we assume broad acceptance of this concept, it’s actually a faulty assumption.

Some recent conversations have lead to a startling realization. When it comes to trust, most leaders haven’t even learned the basic language. We assume they have mastered their ABC’s,  grasping the value of trust as a “hard” business metric, but realistically, the word “trust” has never even crossed their minds, at least not as it relates to their leadership strategy.

It’s been proven time and again, and by multiple sources, that the most trustworthy organizations are run by trustworthy leaders and the rewards are immense and tangible. I wrote about this in a recent blog post called Trust & the Blinder Effect at the Top.

So what will it take? I assert that it will require a global awareness campaign, reinforcing the multiple benefits of high trust leadership and high trust organizations. At Trust Across America-Trust Around the World, we began this campaign over five years ago, and it has been growing. Is trust important to you? Would you like to join us?

Very shortly, we will be announcing a new initiative for November, but in the meantime, these are just a few quick ideas:


Barbara Brooks Kimmel is the Executive Director of Trust Across America-Trust Around the World whose mission is to help organizations build trust. She is also the editor of the award winning TRUST INC. book series. In 2012 Barbara was named “One of 25 Women Changing the World” by Good Business International.

Nominations are now being accepted for Trust Across America-Trust Around the World’s 5th annual Global Top Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business.

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Should you wish to communicate directly with Barbara, drop her a note at Barbara@trustacrossamerica.com

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