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There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. ~George Carlin


Today is Halloween, the second most lucrative holiday after Christmas, with Americans spending over $6 billion annually on costumes and candy.

Did you ever wonder about the origin of the phrase “trick or treat?” I hadn’t until today. For example, did you know that Halloween may have its roots in an ancient Celtic festival call Samhain? This article has all sorts of interesting facts about the holiday.

And if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite, you might want to read this one where the debate between who “owns” Halloween, the Celts or the Christians is explored in (maybe too much) depth.

All this information may leave you wondering what this post has to do with trust. In reality, it wasn’t all that easy to find the link, but the CDC will tell you in Halloween Health and Safety Tips.



Enjoy your day. I’ll be participating in a local “ghost walk” this evening to learn about all the haunted buildings in my community.

PS- Happy Birthday Mom!

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