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It’s almost Week #4 of 2016. This is the fourth article in a series of weekly ideas to elevate trust in your organization, pulled from our third annual 2016 Trust Poster, 52 Ideas That You Can Implement to Build Trust.

This idea is offered by Mark Fernandes. As Chief Leadership Officer at Luck Companies, Mark has been charged with taking its mission of Values Based Leadership (VBL) around the world. @MarkSFernandes

Build cultures of commitment vs. compliance where choices are guided by values not policies.

For leaders, trust and relationships are the means and end of our work. Over the course of my career I’ve found that with them, all things are possible. And much like many other things in work and life, it’s what you do before you do what you do that matters most in building trust and relationships; and ultimately cultures that are guided by values and rich in commitment, vs. those that are guided by policies and steeped in compliance. As such, I would recommend the following:


By definition authenticity means something is genuine or real, and worthy of acceptance or belief. Kouzes and Posner subscribe “people won’t believe in the message until they believe in the messenger.” 


Booker T. Washington said, “few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know you trust him.” 


My version of this is to love your employees to death, give them something to believe in, and obsess every day about them becoming everything they are capable of becoming.


People want to know you are completely there with them, in this moment. Pour yourself into their lives and catch them in the act of doing extraordinary things. 


Employees place their precious lives in our care, tread lightly.


How many readers took took the advice offered in January in our Weekly series?

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Week #3 Barbara Kimmel

Ignoring organizational trust is similar to swimming in an ocean with no lifeguards on duty. Do so at your own risk!

Barbara Brooks Kimmel is the CEO & Cofounder of Trust Across America-Trust Around the World whose mission is to help responsible organizations build trust. She facilitates the world’s largest membership program for those interested in the subject. Barbara also serves as editor of the award winning TRUST INC. book series and the Executive Editor of TRUST! Magazine. In 2012 Barbara was named “One of 25 Women Changing the World” by Good Business International.

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