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Why Do CEOs Behave Badly?

Did anyone read this week’s article about Ryan Air in Time?

Led by brash, headline-grabbing CEO Michael O’Leary—known for calling customers “idiots” for thinking they won’t be hit with fees at the airport, among other things—Ryanair has a long, storied history of bad, misleading behavior. 

Or this article about Uber’s CEO?

In a Medium post from October titled “Can We Trust Uber?” entrepreneur Peter Sims recalls an event in which he had his Uber car’s location in New York unknowingly shared on a screen by company executives at a party in Chicago. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick did not seem to think twice about it, using it as an opportunity to show attendees the cool things the platform was capable of. This party trick was called “God View.”

And lest we forget what Mark Zuckerberg chose to call his customers just a few years ago.

Understanding that this arrogance shows a lack of character, integrity and disregard for customers, why would any CEO choose this route?

And being that profitability and trust are close allies, who are the real “idiots” and “dumb f–ks in this story?”

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