Trust Across America Announces

2017 Most Trustworthy Public Companies by State

via its new Corporate Integrity Monitor (the corporate Richter Scale of Trust)


State Company Name
California Nvidia
Connecticut Xerox
Florida CSX
Georgia Home Depot
Illinois Abbott Labs
Massachusetts TJX
Michigan Delphi Auto
Minnesota Best Buy
New Jersey Johnson & Johnson
New York Morgan Stanley
North Carolina VF Corp
Ohio Cliffs Natural
Pennsylvania Hershey
Texas Dr Pepper Snapple
Virginia Altria

(Russell 1000 only) States listed above are those with the most Fortune 500 companies according to this article.

Methodology: Since 2009 Trust Across America’s FACTS® Framework has been measuring and ranking public companies on five equally weighted quantitative indicators of trustworthiness and integrity, forming the acronym FACTS: Financial stability, Accounting conservativeness, Corporate governance, Transparency and Sustainability.


Our objective model (there is no “pay to play,” companies do not know they are being analyzed nor are any internal employee surveys completed) was initially constructed in 2008 and measures the corporate trustworthiness/integrity of the largest 2000 US public companies. Trust Across America’s Most Trustworthy Public Companies ranks the Russell 1000.

This, by order of magnitude, is the most comprehensive and fact-based ongoing study on this subject. We analyze quarterly and rank order by company, sector and market capitalization. We are particularly interested in tracking individual companies and sector trends over time.

No company is perfect, nor does our model “negative screen.” The 2017 highest scoring company(ies) in 2017 received a “79” on a 1-100 scale.

We are pleased to see the expanding coverage of our FACTS Framework in publications including The Harvard Business Review, Strategic Finance Magazine, The Huffington Post, Globescan Dialogue, the Trusted Advisor Blog,  FCPA Blog, and other publications. This release introduces Issue #4 of a new publication The Trust Across America Corporate Integrity Monitor, available to our Trust Alliance members. 

Click here to view previous issues of Trust Across America’s Corporate Integrity Monitor.

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