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How often does your phone ring with a “mystery set of letters”  showing up on caller ID?

Logic would dictate that a non-profit that relies on voluntary donations would “get” the value of leading with trust. But apparently “trust” has become such a “yesterday” word, that even charities are choosing a different path.

Let me explain what has led me to this conclusion.

Almost every day, without fail, our home phone rings with the following caller ID “LFA Pickup Service.” Who is LFA? The Lupus Foundation.  No matter how many times I ignore them, they just keep calling.

This morning a new caller rang in. This one simply read “MOD.”  I answered the phone, and the caller, after mispronouncing my name, identified herself as a solicitor for the March of Dimes. When I asked to be removed from this duplicitous calling list, I was told “no go” unless I verified certain information.

I would like to meet the marketing “team” at these organizations who decided on this approach as a strategy. I would like to know how trust fell out of favor at these charities.  I would like to know whether this deceptive and unethical practice is leading to a higher level of donations. But most of all, I would like these untrustworthy organizations and others who use the same tactics to stop the intrusion.

Shame on the Lupus Foundation and the March of Dimes, and all other non-profits who don’t lead with trust. When did your culture implode? Have your leaders lost their way?

Does anyone know the CEO’s of these two organizations? Send me their name and address.  I’ll be glad to provide them with an autographed copy of our new book, Trust Inc. (and a request to be taken off their calling list until they choose to lead with trust.)

Trust Inc.

Trust Inc.

Barbara Brooks Kimmel is the Executive Director of Trust Across America – Trust Around the World whose mission is to help build organizational trust.

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